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Dr Celik holds a Bachelor of Science with a major in Applied Mathematics and Anatomy. She also has a double degree in Applied Science/Complementary Medicine – Chiropractic, and a Masters in Clinical Chiropractic. Dr Zara is one of Australia’s only certified Endermotherapie (Endermotherapy), Endermologie (Endermology) and Huber Motion Lab practitioners which beautifully marry her life’s philosophy: Prevention, Treatment and Wellness. With a deep interest in Integrative Nutrition and Herbal Medicine, Zara has also qualified as a Wellness Coach. Dr Zara has completed her studies in Integrative Nutrition Health Wellness Coaching at the Institute for Integrated Nutrition in New York. As a result, she is able to offer Amara Wellness clients a comprehensive wellness solution to support many different pathologies, lifestyle challenges and wellness goals. As a first time mother, Dr Zara became interested in all things natural and organic as a lifestyle choice for her young family. The traditional Turkish Hammam therapies and organic beauty was an idea that came to her during a quiet meditation one day. She was pregnant at the time and imagined lying on warm marble surrounded by steam. She could sense how relaxed and healthy she felt from this vision and as a result began to search for a Hammam in Melbourne. As there was no such experience to be found, she decided that she would reconnect with her roots and bring the authentic Hamman wellness rituals to Melbourne. "When I returned to Istanbul I fell in love with the domed ceilings, exquisite interiors, heated marble slabs and steamy rooms of the famous Hammam’s of Turkey, and I knew I had to somehow bring this ritual into my life again and allow my children to experience something that was so culturally important to me. I also wanted to share this unique, wellness Hammam experience with everybody, in a way that would be authentic and organic.” “I believe strongly in looking after our planet and environment and have implemented practices into the centre which nurture both the planet and us. I have thought of all the ways I can make a difference by incorporating natural cleaning products and organic linens throughout the centre, right through to the certified organic products we use in all of the treatments and offer in our retail boutique.” Her desire for holistic health and wellbeing, has seen her incorporate many non-invasive and natural treatments into an eco-friendly environment that work alongside and in unity with the Hammam rituals on offer at Amara Wellness Centre. As part of a client’s management, Dr Zara uses a variety of techniques and devices for optimal results. Endermotherapie, LED Phototherapy, Huber Motion Lab and therapeutic Hammam steam therapy are all part of her management in treating pain and to begin the healing and wellness process that makes her centre and her approach to health so unique. Every client receives a tailored treatment plan, specific to their condition to reach their individual health and wellness goals. Dr Zara also offers nutritional and dietary advice, assessment of blood examination reports and supplement recommendations if required. As part of ongoing management, Dr Zara gives tailored and specific exercise routines for her clients to follow at home and incorporates a sensible diet plan through the use of a food diary and simple education about nutrition and making healthy food choices. Dr Zara has a strong interest in women health and wellbeing, and as a mother of four, her passion for child chiropractic and childhood health and wellness along with pregnancy issues has a strong place in the centre. Dr Zara wants to focus on giving the next generations the best chance possible for their health. She works with people of all ages and demographic, paediatrics to geriatric patients, professional athletes, football players to sport models, and local and international celebrities. The corporate sector is also of great interest, and Dr Zara has implemented a successful wellness and coaching program for people who work under pressure in highly demanding and very stressful positions and conditions. The programs help to manage stress and fatigue as well as musculoskeletal conditions which are so often the result of the maddening pace of the corporate environment. So, whether you are in need of chiropractic treatment, injury and illness prevention, general health and wellbeing advice or state of the art beauty and weight loss treatments, the range of therapies on offer at Amara Wellness Centre will support your every need. Or, you may just wish to escape for a day in a private Hammam session and be simply transported. With a wide range of Hammam packages available we have something to suit everyone and can tailor to your personal needs. Dr Zara and her team of qualified therapists and practitioners look forward to welcoming you and proving you with exemplary service in the safe and healing hands at Amara Wellness Centre.
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Amara Wellness Centre
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