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The owner and director of ONJ Services, is an industrial electrician by trade and has worked in the manufacturing industry for 30 over years. He felt the frustration of his clients when he went out on site ready to fix an issue, only to be delayed by another trade or waiting on a spare part through another business. Delays cost money, and this is what could see being wasted by manufacturing businesses with their hands tied. ONJ Services were born out of a need, understanding and a desire on behalf to better service clients.
Hand Operated Heat Sealer, Coffee Capsule/ Pod Sealing Machine, Vacuum Sealing Machines, Custom-engineered bag packaging systems, SHRINK WRAPPING MACHINES, E-COMMERCE BAGGING MACHINES, STRETCH WRAPPING MACHINES, Liquid Filling,Sheet plant machinery, Flexoprint Rotary Die Cutter, Cutting boards, Case erecting, Semi automatic case erectors, Fully automatic case erectors, ConveyingNon-driven conveyors, Non-driven curves, Driven conveyors, Picker Cell, Robotic Top Loader, Eliquid filling machines, Bottle Unscrambling Machines, Tube Filling Machines, Bagging Machines,, Filling Machines, Pouch sealer, Band Sealers, Pedal Sealers,Driven curves, Belt conveyors, Vertical conveyor, Packing tables, Tiltable packaging tables, Rotary tables for packing, Check-weigh units, Side pushers, Packaging solutions, Capping & Closing, Drum Decanting, Turnkey Packaging Lines, Entry Level Automation, Stainless Steel Process Equipment, Hygienic Utensils, Tri-Clamp Fittings, Casemaking machines, Embossing press, Technology for packaging, Packaging production
ONJ Services
7/2 The Gate Way Broadmeadows, Victoria 3047
Phone : 1300000665
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