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As a wholesale distributor we pride ourselves in maintaining an innovative, constantly upgraded range of products that portray the latest in technological developments. Our online store is restricted to registered customers only. We only sell to registered resellers in the hydroponics industry; hydroponics shops, commercial farms, educational institutions and research departments.
lawns, hardscaping, sprayers, landscaping, garden maintenance., Aquaponics, organic, Rainwater Harvesting, Intelligent Micro Irrigation, Green Agro Urban Farming, Plant Growing Solutions, Organic Waste Composting Solutions,hydroponics, Palak, Amaranthus, Mint, Kale, lettuce, tomoto, indoor plants, imported pots, farm machineries, fertilizers, pesticides, garden tools, seeds, home decor, garden stands, kitchen composting bins, vertical gardens, artificial grass
Holland Forge
13 Metcalf Street Dandenong South Victoria, Australia
Phone : (03) 9791 8800
Email :
Website :


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