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Avass is known as a leader in Innovation offering a friendly and professional service whilst maintaining strict quality, safety and environmental standards. At Avass, our vision is to strive to enrich our customers’ lives – we are driven by success and we are energised by the future. Our vision statement is more than just a phrase or tagline. It represents the long-term direction of the company and it is a living, breathing philosophy that we deliver to all Avass stakeholders – customers, shareholders, dealers and employees. Avass Brand attributes its success and continued growth to the philosophy of believing in people, innovation and providing quality service and products. By providing a wide range of unique products and services based on individual business requirements, we are committed to zero pollution motoring for more breathable air and cost-effective EV transportation. Avass Pty Ltd principally engaged in research and development in Australia has established manufacturing facilities in India with significant production of rechargeable batteries, electric vehicles and vast array of other clean energy products. Located in Northern and Southern India, engaged in developing and mass-producing range of full electric buses, trucks, as well as special purpose vehicles. The facility is located in heavy engineering and industry development zone, covering more than 400 acres. Production Plant of Commercial and Passenger Vehicles, as well as Battery Cells and proving grounds, are all within the Northern facilities. High-Security technology development facilities are established in Southern India utilising science and chemistry advances within lithium ion and electronics sector. Combined vision of vertical-integration and the well-versed research and development professionals and project teams, the Group is exploring different market opportunities and creating economies of scale. The Group believes that our competitive edge mainly derives from our ability to provide stable, safe and customised solutions to our various customers.
HYBRID CONTROLLER, AC/DC COMBINER BOXES, SOLAR PV CONNECTOR, TALL TUBULAR BATTERIES, LITHIUM ION BATTERIES, HYBRID COMBO PACKS, Batteries, Electric Bus & Coach, Electric Truck & Van, Electric Passenger Car, Electric Bike, Electric Vehicle Charger, Energy Storage
Avass Pty Ltd
41-47 Thomsons Road, Keilor Park Victoria 3042 Australia.
Phone : +61 3 9328 7487
Email :
Website :


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